Quality without compromise

The GSA Promise

"I had worked in the industry for years before I started my own thing. I worked on the polishers, the cutting benches, on site, and up through sales and management. When I decided to step out on my own, I set one fundamental principle above all else - quality first, always." - Nick Dummett, owner of Glass Splashbacks Australia

We promise to provide a service and a product that is based upon quality first. 

Quality of Service

We do what we say we will. We don't promise what we can't be certain of delivering, and we show up on time. We value customer feedback and strive to improve on an already exceptional level of service. 

Quality of Product

Most people don't understand the difference between one piece of glass and the next. Nickel Sulfide and Iron content and U-values.... and you shouldn't need to. Not only do we source all of our goods from the best manufacturers in the business, but we are happy to explain exactly how and why our products are of superior quality. You can take our word for it, or you can have all the information and do your own research. 

And yes, we also have Quality of Cost. Our prices are very competitive, so you can have the best for the price of the budget model. Try us! We are always happy to chat.